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TS Trapline

Hangman Foothold Stabilizer

Hangman Foothold Stabilizer

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Hangman stabilizers are made for use with a variety of rod sizes. Works with 3/8” smooth fiberglass rods up to 1/2” rebar and everything in between.Easily adjust for water level fluctuation by loosening with the wing nut and sliding up or down.

Trap is held by the dog and after firing falls away from the device for a quick, humane dispatch.The Hangman works with a number of popular footholds such as the Duke #1 1/2 and Victor #2 square jaw (will not work with Bridger or Northwoods traps) and allows the loose jaw to be positioned tight to a vertical edge such as a bridge wall.The Hangman is my personal choice for a foothold stabilizer when making top edge sets for mink and muskrat!

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