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TS Trapline

Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon

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During my testing with trailcams, foxes and coyotes approached this lure with reckless abandon! Use on my working trapline showed me that I had “cracked the code” and had a premier canine attractor on my hands. This lure was truly a game changer for me because it provokes a reliable, aggressive response in an easy to apply liquid form. If surface applied canines will aggressively chin rub. At hole sets they do the same but will also dig and scratch at the attractor to expose it. Urine based and laced with a combination of chemicals that add calling range, keep vapor patterns low to the ground, and serve as a fixative to produce a long lasting odor that simply mesmerizes canines. Reckless Abandon is sure to become a favorite in your lure bag. Apply 10 -12 drops per set (6 on remakes).  Increase volume used in very cold temperatures and relure weekly or after a heavy rain. Bottled in amber glass to keep the volatiles inside and protect the chemical constituents from light degradation.

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